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BBC Care Services Ltd
Quality care in your own home

BBC Care Service Ltd is a reliable Home Health Care Service  provider based in the Surrey, Slough, Kingston, Richmond and other areas. Our health care assistants and staff provide the best home health care services with person-centred outcome-based practice to promote individuals' physical, mental health and mobility needs.

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Professional Care You Can Trust

We are aiming at the success to promote positive outcomes following The Care Certificate legislated by The Health and Social Care ACT 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014.  Our staff and care workers' skills, knowledge and experience have enhanced  a focused vision and strategic direction and they have diffrerent values, attitudes and abilities towards person centre care and standardised approach.

We work to provide an environment that supports the whole person—mind and heart, as well as body.


Personalised Care Services

We value the concept of positive wellbeing for service users quality driven by our organisational culture and postive outcomes and person- centred care and support.


In-Home Health Care

It porvides various range of healthcare services that can be given in your own home.


Complete Medical Supply

We provide an exceptional standard of quality care and support services …

Care You Can Trust

Are you in need of home care from a certified provider? 

Our team of health care assistants have made themselves readily available to take on any care -related matter you might need. At BBC Care Service, our carers are here to provide a wide range of home health services and offer efficient support services without sacrificing quality.

Contact us today and learn more about all of our home health care options.

Our carers are working with a person centred approach to provide care support. Service users at BBC Care service Ltd have their rights to choice, dignity and respect and their personalised care plan based on their needs and wishes. The care plan system is monitored and updated regularly for any changes required  to cater for each individual's circumstance. 


We offer Live-in care when service users require continous care and support within their own homes to relive stree of having to leave the familiar suroundings. At BBC CARE SERVICE , We offer you with various options of high- quality care and support without moving to a care home with reaasurnace of 24- hour care and support in your own comfort home.

Nurse and Patient on Wheelchair
Senior Patient with Walker

Get to Know Us

BBC Care Services is a reliable Home Health Care Service and live-in  provider in the Surrey, Kingston, Slough, Richmond. We facilitate an organisational culture that values positive outcomes and person centred parctice that reflects and reinforces the commitment to values where everybody knows what values and resulting polices of the care setting are, and how we are expected to adopt these in our work. Our staff and care workers provide the best home health care services based ob person-centred care practice based on individual's preference, physical and mental needs.

We provide high quality care and support from your own homes for  better convienent places and environment with useful guidance.


Our person centred  care and approach Service

Through trust and commitment to being the best, the quality of the care we provide has been a Health care industry-recognised, leading us to become one of the most highly-rated homecare agencies on the UK’s leading.We have promoted a modified technique of giving people a high degree of dignity, compassion and respect with the provision of treatment, personalised care so that they can gain independence to improve and regain their strengths and abilities. This is done by allowing the serive users,their families or patients at the centre of discussion and seeing them as priorities to make the best outcome. The best way of providing this care is by considering service users'desire, family situation in terms of their social lifestyles. We treat people with dignity, compassion and kindness with positive practice for their specific needs.


Our Team

Our team mangement has a strategic management where the care setting meets its goals and involves its setting objectives, looking at the competition and making an analysis of the internal organisation to run efficiently with a strategic management plan which are monitored and analysed on a regular basis with  more focused  vision and strategic direction. BBC Care Service Ltd team promote diversity, inclusion and equality that can lead to positive valued based culture in teamworking by upholding individual opportunities, rights and choices.The impact of inclusion which could lead to good feeling of acceptance in an organisation hence enhancing some satisfaction with the organisation and commitment thus promoting increased productivity and more effective team and partnership working environment with the service users.


 BBC Care staff and care workers focus on promoting and supporting the people who are reciept of care and support fromthe local care services and private funded individuals. In addition, our reviewing and monitoring the care and support service; has strengthened the development of each indiviudal health and wellbeing. The  care plan assessments are carried out through joint strategic assessment where all professionals are engaged  in the process of accomplishing service users’ needs thus improving the local health and social care service.We ensure that positive relationship is implemented with a wider range of staff from different ethnic background through effective communication with people at all levels within BBC Care Service;thus ensuring that openness and transparency are paramount at BBC Care service Ltd.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enhance the quality of life for our service users by recognizing that each person is an individual with unique needs and abilities. We are committed to enriching lives by allowing services users to remain in the comfort of their own homes with a helping hand from our caring staff and care workers.

What People Say

We are here to help using our positve person-centred care approach

Everything we do is driven by our universal mission: to enhance the lives of ageing adults and their families.

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